Watch Week 1 Introduction

Watch Week 1 Introduction

Week 1 Introduction

Learning as a Family • 5m 9s

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  • W1S1 Foundations

    The principles behind how we learn are basically alike for both adults and children. However, for children there is one major difference in the state they are in when compared to adults. In this first session, we will explore that difference and what that means for our relationships with children.

  • W1S2 How We Actually Learn

    This session is an overview of some of the principles as to how humans actually learn. There are many ideas out there as to how to make people learn, but I am more interested in how people learn without someone trying to force them to. We look at the issue of child development and then focus on t...

  • W1S3 Am I Capable?

    We tend to worry that if we take up the responsibility that our children learn as opposed to outsourcing this to a school or curriculum, then that would mean that we have to become a super-human "fount of all knowledge". I don't think either option is valid and we as humans prefer to have control...